Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pipeline Project Proposal

For my Pipeline Project I propose we create a short 1 minute animated title sequence. The sequence would be done in a very graphic and abstract style and focus heavily on motion graphics. The title sequence would be for a fictional sci-fi or action film. The titles would be explosive and fast-paced, and will focus heavily on CGI and compositing tricks in order to achieve the final look. Below are two examples I created showcasing different styles we could use.

Here is the list of roles needed to complete this project. Please note, if you know little or nothing about 3D programs such as Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema4D, or an equivalent package, you will be grossly under prepared to work on this project. Also, if you are not extremely familiar with either After Effects or Nuke, there will be little for you to do. PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE CASTING YOUR VOTE.

If Selected, I would like to nominate William Oglesby as the Art Director.

And lastly, here is the timeline for the project.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cathedral Chandelier

For my room project I've decided to model a Gothic Cathedral. To ease into the madness I opted to make one of the chandeliers first before getting crazy with the immense space and detail of an ancient church. The lighting and materials are all temp at this point, as I just wanted to see what it looked like rendered.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Hiroshi Final

Here is my final product for Project Hiroshi. Painted in Photoshop. Approx. 30 hours.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Project 01 Week Three

After last week, I decided to go with my Space Cowboys and Aliens idea. I changed up the composition so that the camera was at a slightly lower angle and placed the figures in slightly different spots. I also decided to go ahead and make the two front characters have much more dynamic poses. I think I'm going to stick with my color scheme from last week, however.

I have also decided to switch up the style for this one. I love lighting (it's what I want to do) so I decided I will go ahead and just paint the composition with natural lighting techniques as apposed to the graphic style from before. Here is an example of the style I plan on using. The image is a piece of unrelated concept art I painted for a film I'm directing.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Project One Update Two

After last week, I had several ideas from the class discussion. My first idea, Fairy Tales, became much darker. In this version, all of the characters are in a drunken stupor. Paul Bunyan is squishing Humpty Dumpty's wife which causes Humpty Dumpty to throw his children from the roof out of anger. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, dressed as Grandma, lay together on the roof seductively. In the background, Babe the ox is randomly engaged in promiscuous activity and the sun creepily watches it all unfold with popcorn in hand.

For color inspiration with this concept, I chose a piece by Petr Stefek. The scheme is mostly red and blue and feels like it could work in a similar fashion with the Fairy Tales.

In my second idea, Space Cowboys and Aliens, I was drawn to the idea of a card game. In this version, all of the sheriffs on Mars are getting together for the annual company card game day at the local saloon. However, things run afoul when a hand of poker turns heated. Deputies get shot, beer gets spilled, and all Hell breaks loose when two wild guns draw arms instead of cards.

For color inspiration with this concept, I chose a piece done by my boss, Kyle Jones. His schemes are generally brilliant and unexpected, and I feel this piece could benefit from a similar color scheme.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Project Hiroshi Post 01

For the first project, I've chosen to do a menagerie. I've come up with two concepts thus far. The first concept I came up with was to do fairy tales. I would create a scene made up of several smaller scenes depicting various tales in my own style. I did not draw it, but if I go this route I'm considering putting some kind of twist into all of the tales to be either humorous or dark. The second concept I came up with was to do Space Cowboys and Aliens. I would put some quirky space sheriffs against bandit aliens to create a comical scene, perhaps a space train robbery on Mars.

Paul Bunyan
Humpty Dumpty

Little Red Riding Hood

Space Cowboys and Aliens


Matt Kaufenberg

I really like his colors and simple designs.

Hylton Warburton

The retro, grungy style has a really nice feel to me, and I think something similar could fit my project.