Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pipeline Project Proposal

For my Pipeline Project I propose we create a short 1 minute animated title sequence. The sequence would be done in a very graphic and abstract style and focus heavily on motion graphics. The title sequence would be for a fictional sci-fi or action film. The titles would be explosive and fast-paced, and will focus heavily on CGI and compositing tricks in order to achieve the final look. Below are two examples I created showcasing different styles we could use.

Here is the list of roles needed to complete this project. Please note, if you know little or nothing about 3D programs such as Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema4D, or an equivalent package, you will be grossly under prepared to work on this project. Also, if you are not extremely familiar with either After Effects or Nuke, there will be little for you to do. PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE CASTING YOUR VOTE.

If Selected, I would like to nominate William Oglesby as the Art Director.

And lastly, here is the timeline for the project.


  1. Dude this looks awesome. I love the feel and look of your two thumbnails up there!

    I just have one concern about a project like this though. Since CG artists are few and far between at CCAD, and even more so in our D4M class, I am worried that there might not be enough experienced people to work on this project. This project has a huge potential to go somewhere great, but I am not sure there will be enough qualified crew members to pull it off. But I could be wrong, and if so, it's could be an awesome project!

    1. Yeah, I know CG is a little under represented here, unfortunately. However, I feel like there may still be enough people who've at least used After Effects, and this project could theoretically be done without being completely 3D. The first image was actually generated entirely in AE.

  2. Comments posted for D4M

  3. Looks amazing! I'm always impressed with your work. This project is challenging yet doable in the amount of time we have. I do have the same concern as the first comment, since we have such a varied group of majors/skill levels in our class, BUT it could work. You did a really great job at laying out all the specific roles, and you did make room for a few team members who aren't skilled at those programs (like me: if this gets chosen, I'd love to do one of the editorial positions!).

  4. The graphics look wonderful, but how many people know CGI between the three classes? While there are plenty of other roles that you laid out very neatly (nice job!), you'd still need a team for the CGI work. Perhaps less of a focus on the CGI and more of a melding of fat, graphic 2d and popping 3d or something? Anyways, the graphics are lovely, the colors are well-chosen, the idea looks great as a whole; I'm just concerned about execution.

  5. This idea looks great, and I understand the project is mostly CGI, but I still think you would require people with multiple talents. 2d artists may not be able to sculpt in Maya, but could be essential during the beginning stages for storyboarding the sequence, deciding color schemes, and creating designs.