Sunday, October 14, 2012

Project Yoakam Week 02

This week, we finalized the puppet design and went through the process of storyboarding the short. We decided to go with a more tubular, cylindrical head, a comb-over, and a business suit and tie. Overall, things are looking like they're off to a great start, and I think we have a solid game plan as we begin to film next week. We also came up with a name for our puppet character. From henceforth he will be known as Murphy!

In order to assist the puppet crew, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics with Melanie Mescher and picked up all of the supplies we needed to construct Murphy.

Here's the rough color palette for Murphy (we laid the fabric out on the floor whilst picking it out).

Special thanks to Melanie. Had she not come to the store with me I would have had a horrible time navigating the sea of fabrics in the store.

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