Monday, November 19, 2012

D4M Storyboards

The initial storyboards are very rough, because I am at the mercy of simulated fluids with how things are actually going to look. However, I've roughed out my general staging and sequence of events. The boards go from left to right, top to bottom.

1. A small glimmer of light shines alone in a void expanse.
2. The light grows in brightness and explodes with immense energy.
3. The smoke and debris swirls around the light, slowly becoming liquid.
4. The liquid forms around the light, creating a ball of matter.
5. Layers form around the ball and spin around each other. DNA like connections begin to form and we start to see other balls faintly in the background.
6. Close up of 5.
7. Cut back to farther away from the ball, now covered by the DNA. More connections are forming around it, linking to other particles.
8. Camera begins to pull out.
9. Pull out speeds up.
10. DNA covers the screen for a wipe
11. Camera slows down to reveal a rubber duck.

Also, I've begun to do some testing in Realflow and Phoenix FD for some of my simulations.

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  1. I hate how rad this idea is... it's just TOO RAD!